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Our attorneys are well-versed and experienced in estate and gift taxation, trust and estate income taxation, and individual income taxation.  If your estate is taxable, proper planning can minimize the amount of tax your heirs have to pay.  Even if your estate is smaller, proper tax returns need to be filed during estate administration.  We can help you deal with special tax issues involving IRAs, annuities, and other tax sensitive assets.  Finally, if you wish to give a substantial gift to a loved one during your lifetime, you may need to file a Gift Tax Return.  Our office can help you every step of the way, from tax planning to preparing returns to communicating with the IRS to filing your returns.

Returns that we may prepare for you include:

  • Trust 1041 Income Tax Returns
  • Estate 1041 Income Tax Returns
  • Estate 706 Tax Returns
  • 709 Gift Tax Returns
  • Final 1040 Income Tax Returns

Contact our office to set up an appointment, and rest assured that your tax issues are being handled by thorough and experienced attorneys.

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