A Trust can be a useful way to pass your wealth on to your loved ones while minimizing taxes.  However, the process of setting up a Trust, and then administering it, can be a complex task.  Our attorneys are experienced in both areas.  They can help you draft a Trust document and transfer property into the Trust.  Once the Trust is set up, they will help you, or your chosen Trustee, track the Trust’s income, ensure that the income and principal are properly distributed to the beneficiaries, and deal with any administration or tax issues as they arise.

Read more about the benefits of using a Trust in estate planning in our Trust Articles.  If you want to find out if a Trust is a good fit for your financial and estate planning, are ready to set up a Trust, or have been named as a Trustee, make an appointment, and our attorneys can guide you through the process.

Click here for a link to our Trust Opening Checklist or here for our Trust Termination Checklist.